Make Hawaii Affordable

It will be my top priority to reduce the high cost of living in Hawai’i for more local residents to call this home for generations to come.

  • Homeownership - I will work with my fellow Council members, my constituents, financial institutions, land owners, and developers to find creative ways to provide opportunities for homeownership. 

  • Supporting Local Businesses - Hawai’i needs to support local businesses especially now that COVID restrictions have crippled our economy and shut down mom and pops stores permanently. Our small businesses are the lifeline of our community and the county should support their success. 

  • Supporting Local Farmers - Farming and growing our food locally is so important for food security. Hawaii had a very vulnerable economy that was devastated through the pandemic. Agriculture may never be our #1 economic driver, but we are an island state with a perfect climate to grow food and feed local families

Caring for our Homeless

In the 2020 Homeless Point-In-Time Count, the number of people experiencing homelessness on O’ahu was 4,448.

  • Boots on the Ground - I will work with my fellow Councilmembers to be an active part of the Point-In-Time  homeless count and see the issues first hand.

  • Mental Health Advocacy - I will work with mental health professionals, veterans groups, church groups, transitional housing groups, and drug rehabilitation groups to be a part of the solution.

  • Access to City Services - I will support Work Hawaii, the Department of  Community Services, and others to increase job skills training groups and help reintegrate individuals into society.

Community Safety

Families want to feel safe and protected in their own neighborhoods.

  • Accountability and Consequences - We need to hold the prosecutor's office accountable and ensure that people are not “released pending investigation” who are mentally unstable, have assaulted officers, or are convicted felons.

  • Prioritize Patrol Staffing - We need to support our police department and ensure they are fully staffed to be present and available for community needs

  • Community Education - We need to come up with solutions that will deter drug dealers, educate our youth, support HPD community policing, and existing Neighborhood Watch program.