Support and improve the current PUBLIC education system for our keiki.  Equip teachers with more tools in the classroom. Encourage a variety of teaching methods to better allow our keiki to learn and prosper in this ever-changing environment.  Encourage and support teachers to use both traditional and modern forms of teaching.  FIGHT FOR FUNDING TO Update school facilities and equipment IN OUR DISTRICT.


Support all businesses, small and large.  SUPPORT ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Create an environment that is pro-business to not only keep jobs here in Hawai`i, but also to create new jobs here in Hawai`i.  Minimize STATE regulations to keep and to encourage more job creation throughout all forms of industry.  Minimize taxes and reduce taxes wherever possible to lighten the economical burden on both business and the individual.


Support programs that encourage and perpetuate the family unit.  Support and encourage youth programs including sports to help keep our keiki engaged and off the streets.  Push for resources and programs to assist our kupuna in our communities to improve their quality of life.

Fiscal Responsibility

Minimize and reduce taxes, fees and regulations wherever it is permissible BY REVIEWING EVERY LINE ITEM IN THE STATE BUDGET. GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY OF WHERE OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT IS ESSENTIAL.  Allow individuals to govern for themselves where their hard-earned money should be put to use in our economy.  Promote and encourage legislation that eases the economical burden placed on the people of Hawai`i.


Be A STRONG AND ACTIVE voice for our community and put the government to work for the people.

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